Quality Policy

ALLIED GROUP is committed in providing quality products and services to its customers, consistent with all applicable local and international standards, contractual requirements and local regulations in the following area: Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Constructions Services are provided for Projects and Supply of Industrial Power Tools, Safety Items and Construction Materials. To facilitate the above the Company has adopted the Quality Management Systems model in all its processes and systems which is communicated throughout the Company. We establish measurable Quality Objectives review the results periodically and strive for meeting and exceeding customer expectations and achieving continual improvement in performance. The top management of the Company will provide the necessary resources and training and is fully committed to implementing the requirements of the Quality Management System.

HSE policy

Employee safety is given paramount importance as an asset, whether these belong to the Company, as Client or a vendor. The Company employs and empowers a team of HSE document that lays down safety and loss prevention in all areas, both on and off the job. Periodic Safety meeting and Safety Awards are pro-actively encourages by the ALLIED management. The ALLIED management believes that a safe and healthy environment is necessary and useful.